Experience your own Positive Transformation by contacting a Certified Wings Practitioner today!

Energy knows no time, distance or space. This is why we can go back to past traumas in our lives and heal them. It also allows healing to occur through long-distance communication.

If you would like an energy session, but do not live in an area where you can meet face-to-face, that is not a problem. There is no difference if you are in-person or on the phone, your energy is the same and a Certified Wings Practitioner is ready to assist.

Wings is a simple, effective tool designed to uncover and release the limiting attitudes, beliefs, and stresses that cause blocks.

We can finally experience the freedom to live in truth, to love one another, to develop those inner qualities that bring us peace.

Wings Practitioners

Experience your own Positive Transformation by contacting a Certified WINGS Practitioner today!

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Amber Brogly

I had my first experience with energy therapies in 2012 and it was absolutely transformative. After relating my experience to a friend, she referred me...
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Annadel Lemon

I attended my first Wings Bridges to Freedom class after being introduced by a friend I met at a seminar. After attending that first class, I knew I had...
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Cari Passey

If you're ready to release the pain of struggle and find a way to live your life in joy... If you are tired of merely surviving and you're ready to let...
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Julie Eckman

Julie Eckman is a long-time resident of Davis County, Utah. She graduated from Utah State University with a teaching degree in Elementary Education. ...
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Julie Forbes

I have been working with the WINGS Bridges to Freedom energy modality for 18+ years. It transformed my life! I now use it to assist others who want to...
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Karen Austraw

My husband and I were introduced to "Wings" in 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were going through some difficult times. Acquaintances' introduced us to...
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Kathy Heinsohn

As a Mind-Body Coach, I am Fascinated with all things wellness and the idea that our inner world creates our outer world. I am a Brigham Young University...
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Keena Jorgenson

Energy Intuitive and teacher with Wings. I focus on helping you learn how to heal physically, emotionally and be your best self through Wings sessions...
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Louise Seger

Louise Seger grew up in St. George Utah. Has been married to Bill for 35 years. Is an active and passionate member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...
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Melissa LeBaron

I was born and raised in Cedar City Ut.  I left for 12 years bouncing around the borders of Utah, but couldn't escape (ha ha).  Who would want to escape...
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Pat Cervenka

Come fly with me and learn about “WINGS”. Let’s release the traumas of the past. Find out about the wonderful miracle you are! Let’s do this!...
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Sheila Hunter

I have been practicing Wings Bridges to Freedom since 2009, and became a practitioner in 2015. Wings has given me the tools to release old belief systems,...
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Susie Wilkinson

My first experience with this work was in 2001, a year after my little boy passed away. The difference I felt in minutes was so profound I knew I had...
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Teri Stephens

I have been  involved in Wings Bridges to Freedom, for over 10 years. I started out working on myself. I realized how powerful Wings Bridges to Freedom...
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Valja Williams

Valja (vaul iah) grew up in a large family. Her favorite hobby is socializing with people. She sees the good in everyone and has a nurturing nature. She...
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Wendy Rose

I have been a massage therapist in St. George for over 12 years. I have always been drawn to the energy side of massage therapy, so when I found Wings...
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