Jennie Childs

Jennie Childs, CEO, created Wings: Bridges to Freedom, over a thirty year period. It has evolved through her personal experiences of working with many people and it has changed their lives in truly miraculous ways.  It bridges all cultures and languages and Jennie has taught these classes in many parts of the world.

The practice of Wings can be used with other holistic approaches to healing mind, body, and spirit.  Jennie realized early in her quest for health and happiness that we each are responsible for our own state of well being.  From the time she was young she suffered from migraine headaches and searched for the answers she needed to eliminate the debilitating pain.

jennie-and-husband-2Jennie and her husband raised six children and as a mother, she wanted her family to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically strong.  These desires put her on a lifelong quest for the truth and knowledge she needed to teach her family how to maintain the beautiful balance that is a productive, happy life.

I feel so grateful because indeed the Lord has blessed me.  At this time in my life I have a wonderful and amazing family with 35 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren.  I have had many life experiences that have taught me and helped me to grow.  I have faith, and when I implement the knowledge I have gained using Wings, I have joy and happiness in my life.  My hope and prayer is that many others in the world will experience the same.  Wings: Bridges to Freedom, is a tool to help obtain this goal.”    ~Jennie Childs




Cari Lee Passey

A natural born teacher, a continual student of life, and talented intuitive, Cari has mastered the art of energy therapy.  Whether it is an individual session, group session, or class, Cari’s passion and gratitude for this work can’t help but bubble over as she expertly guides and teaches individuals to release the energy blocks within, restoring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.  She is a light-seeker who radiates light and brings it out in others.  

Cari was first introduced to energy therapy in 1994 when she was struggling with a personal challenge.  A close friend simply said, “You know you can release that,” and Cari’s life has never been the same.  Once she discovered energy therapy, she felt as though she had come home to what she had always been feeling inside and didn’t know it.  She spent the next decade immersing her life studying books, classes and quantum physics; the history and the science of all things energy.  

Passey Family PhotoAfter reconnecting with Wings many years later, Cari partnered with Jennie Childs (the founder of Wings).  Using her gifts to organize, develop, and create simple, yet detailed classes, Cari worked with Jennie in creating and streamlining an incredible experience for anyone who desires to learn how to use energy therapy for themselves, family, and friends.  Cari has created the Practitioner, Teacher, and Mentor program so that this incredible work can be shared with all those who are interested in learning.  Whether they prefer to paint by number, or create their own flow, Wings is a simply beautiful system that allows the practitioner the freedom to do either.  

Cari has a Master’s Degree in education, and is certified in many energy modalities.  With her 20+ years of experience and knowledge she has much to share.  While she knows many other modalities, Wings is one of her favorites because of its simplicity and effectiveness.  Cari is a master teacher, curriculum writer, and program developer and has a huge love for this work.  

Passey Family Discovery CoveSM
Discovery Cove – Orlando, Florida (from left to right)
Jordan, Logan, Cari, Cliff & Hunter with Dixie – our favorite dolphin

Family is everything to Cari and she is happily married and a mom to 3 amazing sons.  So whether her focus is on her family, clients, or elsewhere, Energy Therapy is a part of her life and who she is.  It has helped her raise her family and to see the world in a positive way.  Energy Therapy has given her a gift in being able to realize that she has the ability to change that which no longer works for her.  It has brought more awareness, peace, joy, and gratitude to even the most challenging aspects of life.  Cari is grateful to be a part of this beautiful, incredible work and to share it with all those who desire to learn.   




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Wings is a simple, effective tool designed to uncover and release the limiting attitudes, beliefs, and stresses that cause blocks.

We can finally experience the freedom to live in truth, to love one another, to develop those inner qualities that bring us peace.