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Positive Transformation through Self-Empowerment

Wings is a way to communicate with our innate knowing; our own inner sense of what is right. As we develop our capacity to connect with this wisdom, we become aware of the vast array of choices available at any given moment—some desirable and some less than desirable. Within this field of possibilities, we gain clarity about which ones work for us.

What Exactly Is WINGS

Wings is a simple, effective tool designed to uncover and release the limiting attitudes, beliefs, and stresses that cause blocks.

Freedom, Truth & Love

We can finally experience the freedom to live in truth, to love one another, to develop those inner qualities that bring us peace.

Getting Real

Choose to bridge the reality of your past with the hope and joy of the future. A future that you determine.

A Conscious Approach

Sometimes we choose and act from the subconscious level – a place that our conscious mind really is not able to access without assistance.

Energy Practitioners

Experience your own Positive Transformation by contacting a Certified WINGS Practitioner today!

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Julie Thompson

I have been working with the WINGS Bridges to Freedom energy modality for 17+ years. It transformed my life! I now use it to assist others who want to...
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Kathy Heinsohn

As a Mind-Body Coach, I am Fascinated with all things wellness and the idea that our inner world creates our outer world. I am a Brigham Young University...
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Teri Stephens

I have been  involved in Wings Bridges to Freedom, for over 10 years. I started out working on myself. I realized how powerful Wings Bridges to Freedom...
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Louise Seger

Louise Seger grew up in St. George Utah. Has been married to Bill for 35 years. Is an active and passionate member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...
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Cari Passey

I was first introduced to Wings in 1994 when I was struggling with a personal challenge.  A dear friend simply said, “You know, you can clear that,”...
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Pat Cervenka

Come fly with me and learn about “WINGS”. Let’s release the traumas of the past. Find out about the wonderful miracle you are! Let’s do this!...
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Karen Austraw

My husband and I were introduced to "Wings" in 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were going through some difficult times. Acquaintances' introduced us to...
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Keena Jorgenson

Energy Intuitive and teacher with Wings. I focus on helping you learn how to heal physically, emotionally and be your best self through Wings sessions...
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Valja Williams

Valja (vaul iah) grew up in a large family. Her favorite hobby is socializing with people. She sees the good in everyone and has a nurturing nature. She...
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Sheila Hunter


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What is Energy Work?

Energy knows no time, distance or space. This is why we can go back to past traumas in our lives and heal them. It also allows healing to occur through long-distance communication.

What is energy work?

It is a positive way to make changes that have been difficult to do. It empowers us with knowledge and connects us to the Heart; which brings wisdom and knowledge and automatically changes our thought processes. Our own energy field brings clarity and makes change an exciting and wonderful experience instead of a struggle. We are all trying to experience change and improvement at some level. Wings just makes it easier and more understandable.

Can anyone do WINGS energy work?

Yes, absolutely, that is what you learn in the classes. It is easy, fun and exciting to be able to help yourself and others.

How long will it be before I can work on myself and family?

You will be able to start working with Wings on yourself and family immediately after your first class. You will be excited and eager to work on yourself and others. Learning Wings is very empowering. The teachers are all excellent and well-

Are there many people doing Energy work?

There are many programs and classes that do energy work. WINGS is pure and simple to use and learn. It really is a healing modality of the future. Wings can be used with many other disciplines.

When did energy work begin?

Energy Work has always been done. We can find evidence of it in the Far East, India, the aborigines in Australia, ancient cultures in Hawaii, as well as the Native Americans in the US. It had a big revival in the United States in the late 70’s and 80’s and has been going strong ever since.

Can you work on your pets?

Absolutely, they have problems the same as we do and Energy Work helps them as well. In fact, some animals are so sensitive that it is fun to watch how they react.

Who needs WINGS energy work?

EVERYONE needs it. In fact, the whole world needs Energy Work.